Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA)

QCA LogoA Broad Programme of Projects 

Over the years we carried out a number of projects for QCA, including managing key stages of the QCA Risk Assessment project – a consultation process to establish what data was available to be used in risk assessment that would feed into a central model. We then provided QCA with a consultation paper and questionnaire which was distributed to all awarding bodies.

We also carried out policy research for QCA exploring the value of a common centre approval process. This was part of a programme of activity to reduce bureaucracy and streamline the activities required of awarding bodies. Pareas Associates undertook a major analysis to explore the common requirements needed for such a process to work – resulting in a report with recommendations of questions to be asked as part of the common process.

In collaboration with QCA we assisted in the update of its ‘Common Accord’ for awarding bodies, taking into account the most recent developments in the area of vocational education and training. We were also commissioned to manage some internal project work for QCA, the results of which contributed to policy planning and implementation of accreditation procedures. We also reviewed the policy and procedures of the QCA Standards Approval Group and its role in approving national occupational standards.

In the early days we carried out quality assurance monitoring studies for QCA, including the assessment of centres approved to offer ‘D32-34’ NVQ assessor and verifier units, examining their quality assurance systems and identifying best practice. Through interviews and discussions with key organisations and centres we also reviewed the quality assurance systems of awarding bodies within the horse industry.

In addition, we were commissioned by QCA to investigate the views of employers on the need for greater flexibility in NVQs and level of support for a ‘core and options’ approach – which subsequently led to the introduction of such a system within the NVQ framework.

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