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Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

Professional Project Management

The Benefits

An experienced, professional project manager helps you to:

  • Make clear links between the project and your strategic priorities
  • Identify specific measures of success
  • Secure senior management ownership and leadership
  • Engage effectively with stakeholders
  • Engage with your team and take them with you
  • Break the project into manageable steps
  • Manage and deal with risks
  • Plan for contingencies
  • Deliver on time and on budget
  • Measure and communicate achievements.

Your Dedicated Project Manager

Pareas Associates will provide you with a dedicated project manager who will:

  • Give you an external perspective, bringing new ideas and solutions to the table - much needed when your current systems and processes have become stale and in-company thinking needs a boost
  • Be seen by all to be objective and impartial - they'll work with you and your people without showing loyalty to any particular department or team
  • Push team members to meet agreed actions and deadlines - without causing offence - which can happen if a project is managed internally¬†
  • Update you with regular reports on the progress of the project
  • Keep the project to schedule and deliver results - and not be sidetracked by the demands of 'business as usual' as an in-house project manager might be
  • Provide you with another, potentially more cost effective option - our project manager doesn't come with the on-costs of a full-time member of staff assigned to a project internally.¬†

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