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Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019


  • 2005 Policy Research¬†
    • QCA was exploring the value of a common centre approval process for awarding bodies - with the objective of streamlining the tasks undertaken by awarding bodies and easing the burden of bureaucracy. We carried out a major analysis to explore the common requirements needed for such a process to work - and produced a report with recommendations for the questions to be asked as part of the common process.
  • 2002 Policy Planning Research
    • We were commissioned to carry out internal project work for QCA to feed into their policy planning and implementation of accreditation procedures.
  • 1999 Risk Assessment Project
    • We consulted with awarding bodies to identify what available data could be used in risk assessment and feed into a central model.
  • 1999 Review of National Occupational Standards Approved by QCA during 1998-1999
    • We reviewed the work policy and procedures of the QCA Standards Approval Group in approving National Occupational Standards.
  • 1999 QCA Risk Assessment Part III
    • We continued the work begun earlier in the year to provide QCA with a consultation paper and accompanying questionnaire, which would be sent to all awarding bodies involved in the NVQ system.¬†
  • 1999 QCA Risk Assessment Part II
    • We carried out a second stage consultation with key awarding bodies to gain their views on a common model for risk assessment in safeguarding qualifications.