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Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

University of the Arts (UAL)

  • 2005 Research & Evaluation - International Students Orientation CD-ROM
    • We carried out a project to evaluate the CD-ROM which UAL sent to its international students with an offer letter and other documentation. The CD-ROM provided a range of information and we used focus groups to assess its use and value for students. The findings informed a remake of the CD-ROM and contributed to a major university retention initiative as well as to UAL's future marketing planning.
  • 2005 Methodological Research
    • UAL wanted to run a 'First Destination Study' project with its international student graduates - a group with which it was traditionally difficult to keep track. Our focus was therefore to evaluate different methodologies to identify the best approach to track the graduates and enable UAL to carry out its project effectively.  
  • 2005 Survey of Semester Abroad Students
    • This survey was carried out with a sample of past visiting students from the USA who had spent either 1 or 2 terms on one of UAL’s programmes during the 2003/04 academic year. The aim of the study was to identify the students’ experiences while on the programme, to re-establish contact with them to ascertain their future study plans and to explore the use of an online survey as a way of carrying out this kind of research. The findings of the research were taken on board and chanelled into the course review agenda.
  • 2004 Investigation into Pre-Sessional Language Programme for International Students
    • This study was to explore how the pre-sessional English programme run by UAL’s Language Centre for its international students impacted on the work of the university and the integration of international students into its programmes.