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Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

People 1st

We have worked with People 1st, the sector skills council for hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism for many years on a number of key projects including the development of their Hospitality 14-19 Diploma, specialist learning, employer consultations, qualification mapping and progression routes.

Pareas Associates was also asked to provide project management services on an interim basis between March and July 2008. This involved collaborating with sector skills councils, organising, managing and co-ordinating the Diploma Development Partnership Steering and Quality Group meetings, liaising with colleagues at the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, attending policy planning and technical seminars, producing key reports and managing the work of consultants.

Young Apprenticeships Scheme

Over a number of years, Pareas Associates also managed various projects for People 1st's Young Apprenticeships scheme including:

  • Management of the assessment process of bids
  • Developing a health and safety task list for Young Apprenticeships
  • Exploring the possibility of young apprentices achieving their awards by means of the 14-19 Diploma.

National Occupational Standards and Qualificationns

Pareas Associates also worked closely on national occupational standards and qualifications with People 1st:

  • Updating the National Occupational Standards for Travel and Tourism
  • Consulting employers to establish the nature and content of the National Occupational Standards for Advanced Craft professionals in Professional Cookery, Food and Beverage Service, Front of House and Housekeeping
  • Running a series of 'task and finish' groups with providers to get feedback on the qualification offer available - and how it could be updated to meet the needs of the hospitality and catering, and travel and tourism sectors

Key Projects for People 1st

  • 2011 Managing the Young Apprenticeships Programme
    • Pareas Associates managed the Young Apprenticeships programme to follow up with partnerships on their development plans and help them to implement action plans. We also provided partnerships and local authorities with support materials and we ran events for partnerships to come together and share information.
  • 2010-2011 Development of Advanced Craft/Level 4 Standards
    • We worked on and supported the development of the Advanced Craft/Level 4 Management National Occupational Standards for Hospitality.
  • 2010 14-19 Qualification Pathways – Consultation 'Task and Finish' Groups
    • During December 2009 and June 2010 we facilitated a series of workshop groups and followed up with training and education providers across the UK. The aim was to secure feedback on the qualification offer available, the relevance of the qualifications, their use and delivery, possible progression pathways and gaps in delivery.
  • 2010 Development of Advanced Craft National Occupational Standards
    • We worked on the consultation with employers to establish the nature and content of the National Occupational Standards for Advanced Craft professions in the hospitality industry. We held a series of workshops and the information received was collated to develop the standards for Professional Cookery, Food and Beverage, Front of House and Housekeeping at Advanced Craft level.
  • 2009 Developing a Health & Safety Task List for Young Apprenticeships
    • We were commissioned to produce a Health & Safety Task List - clarifying what young apprentices could and could not do while on their programmes. The objective was to overcome the concerns of some employers around what young people were legally allowed to do in the workplace.
  • 2009 Achieving the Young Apprenticeship in Hospitality through the 14-19 Diploma Route
    • We helped People 1st identify how learners could achieve a Young Apprenticeship through the Hospitality Diploma route. This involved examining the requirements of both programmes, establishing differences and overlaps and recommending potential models. Pareas Associates acted as facilitators/project managers to ensure that the awarding organisations involved were on board and managing the developments agreed.
  • 2009 14-19 Agenda
    • We provided project management services for the review and development of qualifications for the hospitality sector. This project involved managing and co-ordinating developments across the UK, working with the Government’s 4 funding pathways as part of the 14-19 Agenda, and collaborating throughout with the team at People 1st.
  • 2008 Redevelopment and Update of National Occupational Standards for Travel and Tourism
    • During 2008, Pareas Associates, in collaboration with another consultancy, Integral Developments, worked with People 1st to update the National Occupational Standards through wide-ranging consultation with industry practitioners, providers and employers.
  • 2008 Consultant for the 14-19 Hospitality and Travel and Tourism Diplomas
    • In January 2008, we were involved in the development of both the Hospitality and Travel and Tourism 14-19 Diplomas and produced reports, attended meetings, carried out consultations and presented at Steering Group and Expert Panel meetings. In March we were asked to manage full-time the development of the Hospitality Diploma.
  • 2008 Management of Assessment of Young Apprenticeships Bids
    • In November 2008, we managed, trained and co-ordinated a team of assessors and decided on the appropriateness of partnership bids to offer Young Apprenticeships in Hospitality, starting in September 2009. This involved briefing assessors, co-ordinating bid allocation, developing the monitoring and review systems, providing results and managing any appeals.
  • 2008 Interim Project Lead – 14-19 Hospitality Diploma
    • In March 2008, Pareas Associates was asked to provide project management services on an interim basis. During this time we collaborated with People 1st, organised, managed and co-ordinated Diploma Development Partnership Steering and Quality Group Meetings, liaised with colleagues at the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, attended policy planning and technical seminars, managed consultants, ensured project milestones were achieved and that reports and workplans were adhered to, and oversaw the review and approval of qualifications proposed by the 4 awarding bodies offering the Diploma.
  • 2007 Development of Foundation Degree Frameworks
    • During 2007 Pareas Associates carried out a project funded by Foundation Degree Forward to produce frameworks for the Foundation Degrees in Hospitality Management, Contract Food Service, Travel Operation Management and Culinary Arts.
  • 2007 Additional and Specialist Learning in the Hospitality 14-19 Diploma
    • After the initial development of the Specialised Diploma, People 1st commissioned us to establish additional specialist learning for the Diploma at all levels. We ran a workshop to consult with industry experts and the results of this and our previous work were included in the submission to the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority for approval of the new qualifications, which was ultimately granted.
  • 2007 Qualifications Mapping and Progression Routes in Hospitality
    • We mapped all qualifications in the sector against People 1st's pre-determined functional areas. This was done to establish what areas of learning were not being covered by the available qualifications. In addition, we completed progression schemes, showing individuals’ potential movement between qualifications. The documents were accompanied by a report, which was included into submissions to the Sector Skills Development Agency. 
  • 2006 14-19 Diploma in Hospitality
    • Pareas Associates worked in collaboration to develop the Hospitality Specialised Diplomas at Levels 1, 2 and 3 for submission to the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority for approval. We were involved in employer consultation workshops as well as producing a major report for the project on existing qualifications for the industry - and how they compared with the proposed content of the 14-19 Diploma. We were also involved with the industry Expert Panel consultation to establish views on the Diploma content.