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Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019


EAL (EMTA Awards Limited) is a leading awarding organisation for engineering, building services and related sectors, offering a wide range of vocational qualifications for industry.

We have worked with EAL since 2004 and one of our first projects was to carry out an evaluation of a major pilot to introduce online testing for Vocationally Related Qualifications (VRQs). The resulting project report - for use by EAL internally and distribution to a wider audience, particularly the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) - provided a number of learning points for the EAL Business Development team to progress.

  • 2011 External Project Managers for EAL Exams
    • We continued our work as external project managers with the EAL Exams department, to assist in the population, refreshment, review and protection of questions on EAL’s multiple choice item banks.
  • 2010 Interviewing of Principal Examiners for Functional Skills Maths and ICT
    • Pareas Associates was asked to interview and select candidates applying for the role of Principal Examiner for Functional Skills Maths and ICT. 
    • The role of Principal Examiner was to be undertaken for 4 awarding organisations - IMI Awards, ITEC, Skillsfirst Awards and EAL.  
    • 4 Principal Examiners were successfully recruited and are now managing teams of writers and examiners.
  • 2010 Production of Functional Skills - English, Speaking Listening and Communicating (SLC) DVD
    • Pareas Associates managed a team to produce an SLC DVD for Functional Skills English, to meet the needs of 4 collaborating awarding organisations - IMT Awards, ITEC, Skillsfirst Awards and EAL. The DVD was required as a training tool for centres - to ensure the assessment of learners for this aspect of Functional Skills was carried out appropriately. 
    • The project involved co-ordinating the different experts involved, organising a location for the shoot, managing actors and participants and ensuring the smooth running of the project until DVD sign-off and eventual distribution to the 4 awarding organisations and centres.
  • 2010 Ensuring the Smooth Transition to QCF Implementation
    • This 2-year project was completed in December 2010. As well as providing a management service for this project, we contributed to a number of organisational and systems developments which were implemented on a wider basis across the organisation.
  • 2009 Continuing Work with EAL Exams Department
    • Our work as external project manager populating EAL’s multiple choice and short question exam databases continued during 2009. In addition to recruiting, managing and commissioning writers, we also co-ordinated and co-facilitated writer training days and the editing, technical review and finalisation of questions.
  • 2009 Ensuring the Smooth Transition to QCF Implementation
    • We were appointed project managers for this work - the business case having been made the year before.
    • The role of Pareas Associates was to:
      • Co-ordinate a variety of work streams representing each department or group of activities within the organisation
      • Arrange and chair monthly meetings
      • Produce monthly reports for senior managers
      • Monitor and review progress and outcomes
      • Drive the project and handle any issues that arose
      • Report directly to the organisation’s managing director.
  • 2008 Ongoing Work With EAL Exams Department
    • During 2008 we continued our project management service with EAL, helping to populate and update their multiple choice question bank through the recruitment, training and management of writers and reviewers. We also expanded our service to include the co-ordination and development of short answer question exams.
  • 2007 Developing Multiple Choice Item Banks
    • We helped EAL to develop items for their online multiple choice question bank. Our role was to liaise with specialist project leaders, writers, exam co-ordinators and chief examiners to ensure the production and delivery of high quality items for all the qualifications offered by EAL. We also provided editing procedures and ensured that questions and papers submitted were of the highest standard.  
  • 2006 Monitoring and Evaluation
    • One of our major priorities in 2006 was the completion of a 2-year project for EAL, which began in the summer of 2004. In May 2006 we finished the third report of the evaluation outlining the results of a major pilot to introduce online testing for VRQs. The project report - for use by EAL internally and distribution to a wider audience, particularly the QCA - provided a number of learning points for the EAL Business Development team to progress.
  • 2004 Online Test Evaluation
    • EAL introduced a pilot online testing service for the externally assessed parts of its VRQs. We provided the 'front-end' customer information and co-ordination aspects of this project, managed liaison with all key players and monitored and evaluated the online pilot. This project continued successfully throughout 2005 and 2006.