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Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

AAT, Association of Accounting Technicians

    • Qualifications Development
      • Pareas Associates have been working as consultants within the Qualifications Development Team since the beginning of June 2013. During that time we have worked on a number of qualification development and policy projects. These have included setting up and running projects, working with teams made up of members from all departments, to ensure that various qualifications are brought to the stage of delivery. These qualifications have been the addition of a qualification to AAT’s Level 4 Apprenticeship to conform with new SASE requirements, the Level 2 Award in Accounting Skills to run your business, and Level 1 Certificate in Accounting.

        In addition we have worked on a number of policy projects, including AAT’s general and university exemptions lists and policies, and producing position papers on various subjects for example the Apprenticeship Reforms proposed in early November 2013.    
    • Interim Quality Assurance Role-Conduct and Compliance.
      • Working with AAT for four months from January-May 2013 we were responsible for re-engineering AAT malpractice policies and procedures, overseeing malpractice investigations, designing application procedures and templates for AAT’s new qualifications, managing the AAT training provider approval process; reviewing in excess of 20 UK and international applications, providing feedback and negotiating with potential centres and ultimately recommending whether or not to approve.

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